Online Leaksealing

Avoid unnecessary and costly stops in production 

Leaksealing during operation

A stop in flow and production out in an industry involves a massive cost each hour the production stands still. Leaksealing during operation means that when a leak suddenly occurs, we manage to accomplish our work without having to stop the flow and remove the pressure. Our leaksealing technique allows the factory to keep running until the next planed servicing stop where our seal then can be removed, and the broken part can be fixed. We can seal leakages that consists of a various kinds of media, reaches up to a pressure of 600 Bar and 950 degrees Celsius.

Engineering, innovation & safety

Every leak is unique, and all our sealing constructions is customized and designed specific to each case. Our team consists of educated engineers and experienced technicians that together develop and innovate each construction. We continuously strive to use the lates technology and develop our processes, methods, and innovations. We are professionals within this area and safety is highly important since we perform our work in high-risk areas. Our technicians implement comprehensive risk analyses before the work begins.

Leaksealing at WECL

Examination methods

The first step when a leak occurs is that we visit the plant to measure the area of the leak and check the surroundings. We can adapt our measuring method depending on the case and perform the measuring either manually or digitally thanks to our unique 3D – scanning equipment.

Design & Engineering

Our skilled engineers starts to design the sealing construction on the same day as the measurement protocol is completed by the technician. The majority of our constructions consist of what we call clamps or boxes. Each design is being created from scratch and is specifically adapted to each case and its conditions. We consider pressure, temperature, environment & media and carry out calculations and analyses to ensure the strength of the structure and the safety of the staff and surroundings.


Our goal together with our local workshop Montagetjänst is to shorten the lead time from examination to installation. This is possible due to our good cooperation and their ability to receive drawings at short notice. The lead times are always governed by the case and are presented to the customer as soon as the workshop has made their assessment.

Installation & Documentation

We install the design as soon as it is completed at one of our workshops. There is also lot of cases where our technicians can solve the problem directly on site without the need of a special designed clamp or box. 

After completing the installation will you as customer receive a technical report containing detailed information from the beginning to the end of the project.

Our way of working

With their long experience, our knowledgeable staff can manage to assess the extent of the leak. We always make sure to adapt our work according to the unique cases and therefore carry out our work outside regular working hours in case of emergency. 

Leaksealing and sustainability

By sealing the leaks during operation and keeping the productionsystem intact, the environment is protected from possible harmful emissions. We at WECL are constantly working to protect the environment. This by increasing the life-span of the components at the plant and thereby reducing unnecessary reproduction of new components.

Sustainable cooperations

We mainly cooperate with local workshops and suppliers which is beneficial both for the environment and reduced lead times. Other suppliers we choose to collaborate with work according to detailed sustainability goals – and policies and have signed our Code of Conduct to ensure that they work in an ethically, socially and environmentally sustainable way.

Unique technique

We always want to offer our customers the absolute latest technology and the best service. In addition to our own designs, we work with a number of well-known suppliers in the sealing industry. HERMETICA is an example of a unique high-tech sealing clamp made of 100% certified European stainless steel. A simple and easy solution to mount even in large diameters, with minimal weight and with few screws.

Process summary

A leak occurs!

Contact us as soon as you notice a leak in your system. We are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


Our technicians perform a detailed risk analysis, measure the area of the leak. They estimate if they can seal the leak directly or if a special designed tool is needed. 


Our engineers always perform calculations and strength analyzes of the construction and ensure that the workshop has the drawing as soon as possible.


We make sure to install the design as soon as it is finished at the workshop!


At each completed project, we submit a detailed technical report and hand over to the customer

Contact Us

We make sure to respond within 24 hours. In urgent cases, we can be reached on +46 54 18 18 88.