About us


Who are we?

We are a team of specialists and educated engineers that together possesses over 70 years of experience in the leak sealing industry. We can offer you complete solutions in several different industrial areas such as leak sealing during operation, 3D scanning & Reverse Engineering, Onsite machining and a complete assortment of high-quality sealing products from any of our business partners. 

We always hand over a unique and detailed documentation to our customers when we have completed a service. This so you as customer easily can follow our process, re-order products or take part of conclusions and disclosures. Today, we are located all over Sweden and are on call 24 hours a day.

Why choose WECL?

It doesn’t matter if your solution is simple or complex, we at WECL have the knowledge and resources to deliver the most cost-effective solution with the highest standards in engineering.

Thanks to our high-tech tools and long experience are we able to offer the most optimal solution at your site. We make sure to accurately investigate the source of the problem and adapt our methods depending on our discoveries.

Our values

For us, the most important thing is that our customers rely on us as a company. Customer service, engineering, safety and documentation is significant elements within our company that constantly revises to ensure that our process continuously improves. 

Customer service

It’s of the utmost importance that you as a customer are satisfied and feel safe with us as contractor. We’re constantly responsive and carry through follow-ups to ensure that our customer recieves the best experience when cooperating with us.


We constantly invest in new innovations so that we can offer our customer the best possible service and the latest techlology. Our office consists of a team of educated engineers that togheter designs and develop the custom-made solutions to the industries.


Our experienced technicians and specialits operate in high risk areas out in the industries. Safety is therefore a keyword within our company and we always carry through a ample risk analysis before initiatate our work.


As our customer, you can always count on recieving a complete documentation of our work that we’ve accomplished at your site. For us, it’s obvious that our customers should be able to follow our processes and easily take part of conclusions and disclosures.

Our mission

We are already the market leader in the leak sealing industry in Sweden and strives in the long term to become the largest company in the Nordic region within our industry. Our goal is to constantly develop our processes, products and always offer the latest technology to our customers.


Andreas Spets

VD Sr. Design Engineer

Robert Karlsson

Key Account Manager

Ludvig Kronstrand

Key Account Manager

Christer Spets

Service Technician & Packnings specialist

Contact us

We make sure to respond within 24 hours. In urgent cases, we can be reached on +46 54 18 18 88.