3D Scanning

A modern way of measuring and create drawings

We don't miss any important details

Thanks to our handheld portable 3D-scanner we can easily measure and inspect everything from large surfaces to small complex objects, both in house and on site. We are using a Handyscan 3D from Creaform which gives us great accuracy (up to 0.030 mm) and resolution (up to 0.020 mm) in our scans. 

WECL is a company who always strives to be using the latest in technology for our work, the scan gives us a wider range of helping you as a customer.

Services provided from 3D-Scanning

3D Scanning is more than just a tool for measuring. The following is just a example of the great opportunities we have with our digital scanner.


Case – Reversed Engineering

Case - Inspection that saves money

Initial case

A customer ordered onsite machining for a leaking manhole on a tank filled with blackliquor

Routine scanning

We bagan to scan the hatch and the flange of the manhole in order to try to determine the cause of the leakage

The cause of the problem

The manhole had begun to arc which led to less preassure on the bolts. The problem is solved by replasing the old gasket with a new improved from our product portfolio

Moneysaving for the customer

Thanks to our 3D scanner, we saved the customer a lot of money since onsite machining was’nt the best solution of the problem

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