Smart monitoring = Machine Sentry®

WECL are proud resellers to AVT and Machine Sentry’s products and services. Following information and media is created by AVT and Machine Sentry!

“Machine Sentry® offers a cost effective solution whether this is for one asset or many. Access to expert analysts either by a fixed contract or ‘pay as you go’ eliminates the requirement to employ a condition monitoring specialist.

Machine Sentry® is easy to use and utilises readily available inexpensive hardware as the basis for its measurements.

Machine Sentry® is available with ATEX or IECEx certification making it suitable for use across a wide range of applications form the food and beverage to oil and gas industries”

Do you need to manage a wide range of assets including both rotating machines and fixed structures?

“Machine Sentry® integrates measurements collected from a wide range of plant assets into a single database. ADA™ the Automated Diagnostic Assistant can predict stage 2, 3 and 4 bearing failure and detect a wide range of other common fault conditions. Machine Sentry® combines traditional routine condition based monitoring with the MSM-1, online monitoring with the MSO-1 and MSF-1. Easy-to-read key performance data gives the perfect solution for managing assets and enables our customers to achieve world class reliability” – Machine Sentry®

The Machine Sentry® Portal – an all-encompassing platform for your condition monitoring needs

“An effective asset management program is key to improving the performance and availability of your plant and machinery, however, a variety of different measurement types are often required to ensure the different machinery failure modes are appropriately monitored. The variety of systems and the inherent incompatibilities are overcome by Machine Sentry® and its unique centralised cloud based database. This enables competent personnel to interpret the combined result without wasting valuable time finding the correct information” – Machine Sentry®

How does it work?

Installation of sensors

We make sure to install the sensors at your equipment. Together with a smart device that’s compatible with the Machine Sentry® software ADA™  can we now collect data regarding the status of the system.

Diagnosis At Your Fingertips

Machine Sentry® utilises the accessibility of the internet to provide a condition based maintenance solution that integrates condition monitoring techniques to provide a revolutionary new approach to condition monitoring.

Flexible Configuration

Machine Sentry® integrates hardware and software components to provide an easy to use, cost effective solution, that can be configured precisely to your operational needs.

Expert Support

If you need analysis support, the AES Engineering Reliability Group can provide access to condition monitoring experts either on demand or as part of a contracted service.

Why Machine Sentry®?

Saves time

ADA™ – the Automated Diagnostic Assistant can predict stage 2, 3 and 4 bearing failure and detect a wide range of other common fault conditions.

Saves money

Reduce your condition monitoring cost by up to 50%

Supported by experts

Global analyst support from our team of condition monitoring experts

Wide range of applications

Suitable for rotating equipment, pipework and structural assets. Systems available with ATEX and IECEx certification

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