We at WECL offer a wide range of services such as leak sealing, onsite machining, 3D scanning & reversed engineering, smart monitoring, valve service and much more. Read more about our services below and do not hesitate to contact us with further questions about our services or our business.


We seal the leak without having to stop the flow and remove the pressure from the system. This  reduces damage to the environment and evade the huge costs of shutting down the system.

3D Scanning

Thanks to our handheld portable 3D-scanner are we able to measure and inspect everything from large surfaces to small complex objects, both in house and on site. 

Onsite Machining

Machining on site  minimizes the time spent during downtime. We take the machine to the equipment instead of the equipment to the workshop.


Machine Sentry® is a unique asset reliability management solution which integrates all condition monitoring techniques and watch keeping data, enabling effective maintenance planning and management reporting.