Double Seal

A double or dual mechanical seal consists of two independent seals mounted within a seal chamber outside the pump, which is flushed with an independent supply. This makes them ideal for sealing hazardous liquids, liquids with abrasives or liquids that are corrosive, as the seal faces only see clean lubrication greatly increasing mechanical seal life.

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The AESSEAL Progressing Cavity Pump mechanical seal (PCPS™) has been developed to incorporate proven modular designs from our highly-acclaimed range of double mechanical seals.
The LSEAL™ is designed to suit the Flowserve Polychem ‘L’ Series, Group I and Group II non-metallic process pumps. This unique cartridge design simplifies
The IADC™ Screen seal design is a double seal available in a wide range of seal face and elastomer applications to suit individual process
The HDSS and HDDSS heavy duty slurry seals are designed for the arduous environment of the mining industry. The robust seals are built to
The FI-DSNM-R™ is designed to suit Richter (ITT-Goulds) PCK and SCK process pumps. This unique cartridge design eliminates the OEM ceramic sleeve.  Features: Suits PCK
The DSNM™ is designed to suit the Flowserve Polychem ‘S’ Series non-metalic process pump.Features: Non-metallic wetted components in Silicon Carbide for use with corrosive
The DISP™ range double stationary mechanical seals provide highly-technical, value-engineered sealing solutions applicable for all industry sectors. The seal incorporates an integral bi-directional flow
AESSEAL® is believed to be the only seal manufacturer to offer a fully integrated and glandless cartridge mechanical seal range for these pumps, which were launched


Industry leading modular design is proven to decrease costs and increase equipment uptime. The CKD™ double stationary cartridge seal range provides highly technical, value-engineered
The CDPH™ double mechanical seal is designed to meet the arduous requirements of slurry applications. Large ports and increased radial clearances enable the seal